Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back In Black!

   Yup - we're back! What a better way to return to our regular blogging schedule than with black themed rings from some of our members! Darkly gorgeous, and perfect for couples looking for something non-traditional. 

Did you know that black diamonds are actually 'younger' than clear diamonds? They're only 3.5 million years old, compared to clear diamonds that formed 4.25 million years ago!

From L-R:

Looking for some dark sparkle with a personal twist? Many Etsymetal artists would be happy to make something custom just for you!


  1. darkly delicious choices! Thanks Miranda!

  2. Gorgeous collection! I would definitely get one of these if I was getting married now. Brides today have such great choices!

  3. That Nodeform ring has me looking for an excuse to find a husband! Gorgeous selections!

  4. Look great! Drooling over the noir choices!