Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pearly Whites

Last week we focused on black, and dramatic diamond jewelery - so for the sake of opposites, this week we'll showcase a soft and white wedding classic - pearls!

Pearls can be natural or cultivated. The difference is whether the 'irritant' that the mollusk forms the pearl around occurs spontaneously by nature, or is introduced by human intervention. The majority of today's pearls used in jewelery are cultivated - quality natural pearls are very rare, and come with a matching price tag!

The tradition of wearing pearls on the wedding day has continued for centuries, and the pearl's history can be traced back to ancient Greece, where they were offered as tribute to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

You can continue the tradition on your own wedding day (or every day - hey, we don't care! Pearls are great with jeans and a blouse) with some lovely non-traditional jewelry from the Etsymetal Team!

From Top to Bottom, L-R:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back In Black!

   Yup - we're back! What a better way to return to our regular blogging schedule than with black themed rings from some of our members! Darkly gorgeous, and perfect for couples looking for something non-traditional. 

Did you know that black diamonds are actually 'younger' than clear diamonds? They're only 3.5 million years old, compared to clear diamonds that formed 4.25 million years ago!

From L-R:

Looking for some dark sparkle with a personal twist? Many Etsymetal artists would be happy to make something custom just for you!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn in the woods

EtsyMetal welcomes the parade of autumnal colors with a walk through some favorite woodland themes.  Taking a cue from the forest, our artists love to celebrate the natural world.  Whether creating a wedding band or special memento, the season is well suited to be embodied in a token to last a lifetime.

Some of our fall favorites:
1. & 2. Iacua
3. Jane Font
4. Nina Gibson Designs
5. Silent Goddess
6. Sudlow Jewelry

EtsyMetal offers some of the most beautiful woodland pieces, from sellers committed to creative design, professional ethics, and exceptional service... if you would like to take a scenic stroll though our impressions of the natural world, click here to search Etsy for our member's woodland themes, and enjoy the view!

Monday, September 17, 2012

All my life's a circle

This past spring I had the pleasure of making an order of gold bands for friends, and photos are just in from the photographer, so I am sharing these lovely images courtesy of Clean Plate Pictures...

Below, in advance of the main event, sample bands in sterling silver made the order sure to be fool proof, and as planned the finals were a perfect fit... 
   just like this happy couple.

The slight overage on the my 18kt gold order for the set combined a bit of gold from each band to make a sweet keepsake charm for the bride...

All's well that ends well!  Another happy customer at ArtigianoJewelBox!

Below, some additional Etsy Metal artists offering hammered or chiseled styles in gold bands...

1. Danielle Miller of DanielleJewelry
2. Beth Cyr of BethCyrWeddings
3.  Shirlee Grund of LichenandLychee

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Things are always bubbling up at EtsyMetal...  here are just a few we'd like to toast!

top: this south sea golden-hued pearl from Mary Anne Karren Studio is worthy of much celebration.
bottom and below: from Colleen Baran Jewellery, the Bubbles and Framework collections supply us with the fizz!

A little champagne and sparkle go a long way...  take a peek at these gorgeous shops and be refreshed!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Really Resin

Mod dots!  Add a graphic spot of color to your wedding party with these happy 
mix & match dots from Su at Quercus Silver.  Bold earrings, rings and more carry 
on the fun long after the party... for memories and more, connect the dots! 

L. Sue Szabo combines bold shapes and graphic influences from the humble daisy to the legendary artist Joan Miro.  And that's not all... be sure to visit Sue's shop to see an impressive range of work in resin, enamel, hand fabricated sterling, and an array of beautifully selected gems.   

Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a blue moon

It only happens once every few years, the blue moon rises tonight.  EtsyMetal gives a nod to the universe...

Left: Kira Ferrer, swiss blue topaz and sterling.
Right, top: Silent Goddess, blue chalcedony and sterling.
          Middle: Lichen and Lychee, blue sapphire and white gold.
          Bottom: Simply Adorning, london blue topaz and sterling.

Don't miss the chance to do some stargazing tonight by the light of the blue moon. Capture the magic any time at all with a blue moon of your very own from an EtsyMetal artist.