Monday, July 12, 2010

Erga:  on creating the Balance Band  

This stylish, modern design is hand fabricated out of 
sterling silver and a recycled solid 14kt yellow gold sphere. 
Conceived as a wedding ring, and beautiful everyday for anyone.”

The symbolism of the gold sphere is open to interpretation. 
As suggested by the ring's name, to me, this ring is 
about balance. The balance of self, the balance of life, 
the balance of the world, and, of course, the balance 
of marriage. The sphere represents the love, the relationship, 
the union. It is up to both parties to see that it is evenly 
supported, and that the balance is maintained. 
There is something very comforting and reassuring 
about the shape of a sphere, and I feel that 
this ring expresses that well.

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