Saturday, February 27, 2010

EtsyMetal Creates a Wedding Line!

graphic design by Andrea Schettino

Today's bride and groom are looking for wedding rings that are unusual, sentimental and handmade.  There are many reasons to buy handmade.  When you buy handmade rings you can get a unique piece that cannot be bought in any commercial chain.  Buying directly from an individual artist, creates a relationship that makes the rings more special.  Many of the jewelers that I work with are also involved directly or indirectly with recycling their silver and purchasing raw materials from "green" suppliers.  Last but not least, buying handmade supports local economies.

Unfortunately there are not that many studio metalsmiths who have wedding lines.  Recently a fellow member, Chuck Domitrovich pointed this out.  So, I decided to accept my role/nickname as the "Sara Broadcast Network" (SBN) and promote our wedding lines.  In March we will unveil our Etsy Metal Wedding Line to include engagement rings and wedding bands.  We have all agreed to do our little bit to promote.  I want to thank Andrea Schettino from ArtigianoJewelBox for our gorgeous logo and banner!  I think it really captures a clean modern look with the romance of weddings.  Thanks for your hard work!  I can't wait to see all the new rings.  

Here's a list of our participating members--click on their names to get a link to their shops.

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